Joel Ferguson, Interim Associate Dean of International Education

16 May 2013

The Division of Undergraduate Education is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor F. Joel Ferguson as Interim Associate Dean of International Education.

The new position, starting July 1, expands upon the duties of the Faculty Director of Programs Abroad, a role focused on outgoing University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) students.  The new position also includes the recruitment and success of UC Santa Cruz students from other countries, as well as general engagement on issues of international education and partnerships.

Richard Hughey, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, expanded the role on recommendation of  the International Recruitment and Graduate Team (IRGT) and the Senate’s Committee on International Education (CIE):  “this will be a role of many challenges and key responsibilities.  Perhaps the most important will be leveraging IRGT, Senate, and external ideas into long term strategies that propel our campus to its goals related to internationalization.”  Prior to a recruitment in the 2013-14 academic year,  refinement of the role will be informed by senate, administrative, and external consultation, as well as individual input from students, staff, and faculty.

The role takes on particular importance as the Fall 2013 frosh class will include about 100 international students and an expanded international orientation program.  The seven-fold growth over the prior year is the result of a 2-year trajectory of outreach and cohort building by the Office of Admissions and the strong support of the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid.

Joel’s initial priorities include:

  • engaging UCSC faculty in study and research abroad programs, including the Education Abroad Program,

  • increasing international student participation in UCSC degree programs, and

  • expanding the dialogue among faculty and administration concerning UCSC’s participation in the international arena.

Within his duties, Joel will also lead the international team.  Established one year ago by VPDUE Hughey, the IRGT has been led by Professor Mark Cioc, 2011-13 Faculty Director of Programs Abroad.  As Mark and the team point out in their report, the IRGT was, to the best of its knowledge, “the first time that the campus has established a task force that focuses solely and broadly on the campus’s international profile.”  The IRGT and CIE reports, among others, are available at International Proposal.

Based on his own international experiences and work designing 3-2 and 2-2 programs (collaborative programs at two institutions that lead to degrees from both institutions),  incoming Interim Associate Dean Ferguson remarks that: “My greatest interest is to increase the number of international students at UCSC to close to 10% because our students are not getting the diversity of viewpoints that they could be getting and we are not serving the international community by remaining hidden.”

Professor Joel Ferguson joined the faculty in 1987 and has spent the majority of his time focused on undergraduate education.  He has served as Undergraduate Director and Chair of  Computer Engineering, Baskin School of Engineering Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, and is the Crown College Provost.  As associate dean he worked to bring international students to the School of Engineering and spent his last sabbatical leave in Taiwan.  He is a member of the Association of International Education Administrators.